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How Often Should I Have My Area Rugs Cleaned?

As you tread onto your area rug, picture the soft strands caressing your feet – a little luxury of home living. But what can you do to keep your area rugs feeling like a treat and not a threat to your health?

Rugs trap allergens, dust, and bacteria deep inside their plush weaves, which, if not removed, may harm your family’s health and the air quality in your house. A “no shoes” policy and regular cleaning are excellent beginning measures, but they can only get you so far.

This prompts the inquiry – “How often should I have my area rugs cleaned?” In this post, you’ll learn exactly how often you should clean your rugs to suit your home setting, ensuring they last for years.

Why You Should Have Your Rug Cleaned Regularly 

Let’s talk about those incredible area rugs that make our rooms pop. They add that finishing touch to our decor, don’t they? But if you don’t show them some care, they can lose their appeal fast.

A clean rug looks fresh and fabulous all of the time. But as rugs age, they attract allergens, dirt, and stubborn stains. These pesky things can get into the fibers, making your rug look less colorful and affecting the air inside your home.

But don’t worry! By cleaning your rugs regularly, you can ensure they always look and feel great. It’s like giving them a much-needed spa treatment. Between those regular cleanings, watch for any signs of damage, such as matted fibers or tough stains. If you see any, it’s best to take care of them immediately rather than leaving them on the rug. 

Here’s the thing: keeping your rugs clean is not only about their appearance. Dirty rugs may also present health dangers, particularly for people with allergies or respiratory problems. So, remember to maintain them to keep your home healthy and your rugs happy.

What Influences How Often Your Area Rugs Should Be Cleaned

How often you should clean your area rugs depends on many things.

  • Foot Traffic: The rug’s foot traffic is among the most important considerations. More frequent cleaning is usually needed in high-traffic areas like living rooms, corridors, and entryways because of the increased likelihood of dirt and stains in these spaces.
  • Children or Pets: Children and pets can significantly contribute to your rugs needing more frequent cleaning. Pets are prone to shedding fur and dander, whereas children usually sit and play on the rugs all day long. You may have to clean your area rugs more often to eliminate allergens and dirt that can affect youngsters or pets. 
  • Dirt and Debris: Another factor determining how often rugs need cleaning is the quantity of dirt and debris. They might collect more material in dusty or often opened homes. So, if you have such settings in your home, you should clean your rugs often and prevent dirt buildup.

With these considerations in mind, you should know that deep cleaning of your rugs is required every 6 to 12 months. But, to keep things looking their best and prevent wear and tear, high-traffic areas may need to be cleaned more often.

Indicators That It’s Time to Clean Your Area Rug 

While cleaning your area rugs often is wise, you should also be aware of the warning signals that can mean they need emergency care. Here are several indications:

  • Visible stains: You can tell your area rug needs cleaning if it has any apparent stains or patches. If you ignore stains from spills, pets, or just regular usage, they will eventually become impossible to remove.
  • Foul odors: A bad odor from your rug should be your first clue that it requires a good cleaning. Pet pee, accidents, or built-up dust and filth may contribute to unpleasant odors. If you want your rug to smell fresh and new, have professionals clean it every 6-12 months.
  • Allergies or respiratory issues: Area rugs can trap dust, hair, fur, and other particles that can lead to respiratory troubles and worsen allergies. Keeping the house clean regularly will help eliminate these allergens and improve the overall state of the home.
  • Dull or faded appearance: Area rugs might seem dull and lose some luster after a while. A common culprit here is dust and grime that has settled within the fibers over time. Your rugs will retain more of their natural beauty and color with regular washing.

Why You Should Hire a Rug Cleaning Service

There are many advantages to having your area rugs professionally cleaned rather than relying on vacuuming or spot cleaning. Here’s more on the key benefits:

Deep Cleaning

If you want your area rugs professionally cleaned, use a company with specialist equipment and methods. They effectively remove stains, allergies, and ingrained filth that routine vacuuming and spot cleaning could miss.

Fiber Protection

An expert rug cleaner can determine the rug’s fiber type and apply the correct cleaning solution. That means they will ensure your rug can keep its natural beauty and texture intact while also preventing harm to the fibers.

Odor Removal

Accidents, spills, or built-up grime may leave unpleasant scents, but a professional cleaner can eliminate them. They employ cutting-edge cleaning chemicals and methods to clean and deodorize your area rugs. Your rugs will be left fresh and odor-free.

Extended Lifespan

Professional cleaning and maintenance are key to having long-lasting and good-looking rugs. Regular professional cleaning keeps the rug’s fibers from being worn and matted by eliminating dirt, dust, and allergies.


You can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life by hiring a professional service. You can trust their knowledge, experience, and cleaning techniques to make your area rugs look brand new.

Having your area rugs professionally cleaned is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run, both in terms of the rugs’ aesthetic value and the cleanliness and wellness of your house.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Rug Cleaning Service 

You should only choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable service provider to clean your area rugs professionally. When looking for the best rug cleaning service in your area, these are the things to focus on:

Experience and Expertise

When looking for a rug cleaning service, prioritize companies with experience and a proven reputation of excellence. If you want to know how knowledgeable they are and how satisfied their customers are, check out their website and read reviews.

Certifications and Training

Next, check the rug cleaners’ credentials to be sure they’re qualified. This verifies that they are well-versed in the various rug varieties and cleaning procedures.

Cleaning process and equipment

Learn more about the cleaning procedure by inquiring about the tools and chemicals used. A professional rug cleaning service would utilize tools and products that are safe for the environment and up to industry standards.

Insurance and Guarantees

Find a company that provides insurance and guarantees quality services. Being covered in the event of damages or disappointing outcomes provides you peace of mind.

Pricing and Estimates 

Find out how much the cleaning service will cost by requesting a complete price structure. In addition to offering affordable prices, a trustworthy business will be upfront about its costs.

Additional Services

Consider whether the company will also need to deal with stains or provide extra services like stain prevention. Your area rugs will last longer and look better if these services are included, ensuring that your rugs have no remaining allergens on them.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Rocklin, CA

Finally, we hope this guide answered all your questions on “How frequently should I get my area rugs cleaned?” Knowing that you need to schedule a cleanup every 6-12 months will help you have a better home dynamic and not worry about the possible dirt that might be stuck in your area rug. 

Remember that there are many advantages to having your rug professionally cleaned, including a thorough cleaning, fiber preservation, odor elimination, and a longer rug lifetime. 

Choosing the right rug cleaning service is the last step before you can enjoy spotless results. We at Cleaner Choice have a foolproof way to clean not only area rugs but also various other items in your home. So, contact us today and tell us all your cleaning needs – our team of experts will be happy to assist.