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Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful Program

This is a great way to save money if you like to have more then one cleaning per year!

These are the 3 easy and hassle-free steps to our Stay Beautiful program:

  1. Schedule and have your initial cleaning done at regular price
  2. Join our Stay Beautiful Program family, then we bill a specified credit card of your choice 12.5% of your initial cleaning each month
  3. Every six months we will call you and book your next cleaning with us

By joining our Stay Beautiful Program, you save 50% off your second cleaning each year, you no longer have to remember when your last cleaning was and we call you to schedule your cleaning at your convenience that has already been paid for.


If your initial cleaning cost $300, we will charge $37.50 to your credit card each month.

$37.50 a month
x 12 months
= $450 for the whole year

Instead of paying $600 for 2 regular price cleanings, pay $450 and save $150!

Save money and stay beautiful – join our savings program today!

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